The Creative Secret for Business Leaders

This is our pioneering two-day course for managers, team leaders, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs.

IBM’s 2010 Global CEO Study showed how we've truly begun to enter the Creative Age. 1,500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries were asked what they expected would be their most important leadership skill or attribute over the coming five years. The top answer? Creativity.

Leaders need to be prepared on occasion to buck the convention wisdom, often in the face of strong countervailing pressures from various stakeholders, not to mention wider market norms. To have vision, imagination and the ability to think counterintuitively – that’s the very definition of creativity. And crucially, it's something that can be learned

Our 2016 experimental study at Goldsmiths University proved that doing just four minutes of our training system, Createmics, led to a 16% improvement on the number one scientific test of creative intelligence. Imagine doing two days.

What you will learn:

  • What is creativity? The scientific definition
  • The one mistake everyone makes when trying to think creatively
  • Why creativity isn’t easy: your cognitive biases explained
  • Creativity in the brain
  • The Seven Ancient Pillars of Creativity
  • The Creative Secret – the ultimate key to unlocking your creative mind
  • Guided visualisation, relaxation and creative exercises
  • How to continue on your creative journey in your daily professional life


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