We don't just teach creativity. We do it. 

We think that's important. For us, creativity isn't an abstract thing or something we only tell others they can achieve. It's part of who we are, so we do it too.

New and original ideas fascinate us, thrill us, nourish us. Every time we have a creative moment, we inevitably learn a new way to think about creativity itself.

We don't restrict our creative output to any one domain. Our ideas could be considered to reside in spaces like "business," "design," "story," "philosophy," "art," "film" or "adverts" - or somewhere else. For us, a great idea is a great idea, which can morph from one cultural area to another in a nanosecond. So we just let the good ideas roll.

For our Little Ideas, click on the "L" or the Instagram icon at the bottom of the site. For our Big Ideas, click on... you guessed it.