Creative brain training is about using systematic techniques to boost your ability to generate and develop creative ideas. The result is effectively to raise your "creative IQ."

To do this we use the pioneering creativity technique of Createmics (pronounced creeya-TEM-ics), a mixture of structured cognitive and physical exercises which makes use of a yoga mat.

We apply the latest scientific research into brain function, for example stimulating parts of the brain strongly linked with creative thought processes like the anterior superior temporal gyrus, and we use a variety of relaxation, meditation and visualisation techniques to produce increased alpha and theta brain waves – again known to foster creativity.  

We combine that with instruction in the universal laws of creation drawn from an anthropological analysis of culture and mind stretching back not just hundreds but tens of thousands of years to the very origins of man in the Stone Age. We encourage you to think of creativity as a powerful form of intelligence which enables you to thrive professionally and lead a more fulfilled personal existence.

We have two kinds of program: one type for business leaders, the other open to the public.

The Creative Secret for Business Leaders

Open Programs