CREATO founder Dr. Michael Bloomfield is available to give talks at a wide range of events. Inspirational but always with a scientific bedrock, he can help stimulate thought and stir creative change by exploring creativity from a variety of angles: practical, personal, organisational, even spiritual. 

keynote speeches

The Creative Secret

In this talk, Michael reveals how he solved one of the most profound mysteries of human experience across the ages: how the magic of creativity happens in the mind. He calls it the Creative Secret. Only for those who don't mind having to rapidly unlearn everything they thought they knew about ideas.

How to Have a Creative Idea

Michael reveals the main reason why creative ideas are not easy to come by: the architecture of the human brain. Because creativity is rare in life, even for professional creatives, the brain is structured mostly for non-creative everyday processes. That means using automatic, unconscious filtering and memory mechanisms that produce accurate - but generally non-original - results. But there is a remarkably simple way to get around this natural tendency and come up with a creative idea – which will be demonstrated when all those present will be guided to generate a their own original and unique solution to a problem.

How to Foster a Culture of Creativity

Michael looks at how a series of unconscious mental and social biases inhibit creative thinking, and what you and your organisation can do about it. One of the key problems is how unwritten social constraints prevent free-flowing thought and open expression. Despite the stated rule of "anything goes" in group brainstorming sessions, for example, they have been shown by science time and again to be ineffective, largely because of how social behaviour automatically guides thought processes towards conformist answers. There is, though, a little-used mechanism that can help your organisation rapidly overcome such barriers, one resonating with ancient power and psychological energy...

Why Creativity Matters

Creativity is not just for those working in obviously creative industries like design, advertising and the arts. It’s a faculty that’s essential for virtually every professional in every industry, because it’s all about producing fresh thinking and counterintuitive solutions that make your everyday internal processes work more effectively and your products and services more original, distinctive and disruptive. For some organisations, creativity can be what you could call an “unknown unknown” – until you have some new and brilliant ideas, you don’t even know what you’re missing. It’s time to let creativity in – and discover what it can do for you.

other talks

Creativity Through Forgetting: Why Your Expertise is Your Worst Enemy

Michael explores the contradictory fact that the more you know about a field of knowledge, the less you may be able to be creative within it. Citing a variety of surprising research studies and using lots of audience participation, he nevertheless offers a simple solution to this apparent Catch-22.

Artists Aren’t Creative – You Are

An inspirational talk about how creativity is for everyone, not some artistic elite. Michael challenges the commonly held identification between artists and creativity: by redefining creativity according to science rather than popular belief, he shows that in fact, most art is not very creative and most creativity happens outside of art – in technology, social communication, business and even science. A rallying cry to those who feel they can’t be creative. 

The Creative Familiar: Discover Your Creative Spirit Guide

Michael delves into the ancient world in which creativity was thought to emerge through “divine inspiration.” Rather than dismiss the idea as antiquarian and ridiculous, he looks at how embracing it can have enormous cognitive benefits when it comes to creativity, from inhibiting the little-known damaging effects of long-term memory to connecting with one’s dream life.