Dr. Michael Bloomfield

Founder & Director

Michael is the founder of CREATO and a leading thinker on creativity. He has developed the first and only grand theory of creativity (Generator Theory) as detailed in his book The Creativity Code, and created the Createmics™ technique as a natural offshoot.

An anthropologist specialising in the evolutionary origins of human creativity, he has a BSc and PhD from the University of East London, where he is a former lecturer.

Michael spent several years working at an international semiotics consultancy, conducting research for a number of major companies, including the BBC, Virgin Atlantic and Audi.

An occasional singer-songwriter with his band The Last Number, his feature film script is currently in development. It’s about a man who tries to go mad.


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Andrea Basunti

Head of Marketing & New Business

Andrea is an innovation and cultural insight expert with a wealth of experience helping the world's leading companies and organisations improve what they do and how they do it. His insights have empowered clients to develop award winning new products, brand strategies and advertising executions. 

Andrea is adept at using unusual conceptual approaches like semiotics to help people see their problems - and ultimately the world - differently.

DO NOT try to separate this man from his guitars. 


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Johnny de Veras

Head of Training

A teacher and an artist with a passion for all things inventive, Johnny completed his master's in 2003 at the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts in London. Specialising in the experiential dimensions of creative endeavour, he has taught at University of the Arts London, Liverpool John Moores University, and Loughborough University where he also began his PhD in 2004. (He’s still doing it. Don’t ask.)

Moonlights as a singer/guitarist called Juanito de Composicion.