CREATO founder Michael Bloomfield's book, The Creativity Code: Revealing the DNA of Inventiveness, Ingenuity and Insight, is a radical text on the subject of creativity. It lays bare for the first time the specific principles behind all creative ideas that have ever been hatched in every field of human endeavour. 

Creativity is now being recognised as the key skill of the modern age both personally and professionally. Yet unlike all the other areas of human thought and research – biology, physics, philosophy and more – there has never really been an overall theory of creativity, one that suggests a big answer to the question of how people think creatively.

The Creativity Code puts forward the first unified theory of creativity, called Generator Theory. It aims to explain creativity in all walks of life, from art and design to technology, science, modern business and more. Generator Theory is as surprising as it is radical, showing that the secret to creativity is to be found in an area of ancient knowledge known to all but understood by few.

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