“I loved the principle of what you teach. Really cool to suggest these different ways of thinking to almost try and trick the mind away from heuristic based, rule-governed and narrow-minded thinking into outside-of-the-box thought.”

Sam Sheppard, IBM science consultant


“Friendly, open, encouraging.”

“Very enriching.”

“A new language to think about creativity.”

UK IBM team members


"A transformative class during which I inverted my approach to problem-solving and surprised myself by generating exciting ideas through an intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable process."

Guardian Masterclass attendee


"I particularly liked the format of the masterclass, including the interactive and unique exercises we took part in. I have certainly transferred these techniques to my approach to daily activities that require creative thinking."

Guardian - Masterclass attendee 


“I felt really on fire with how it was making my brain come up with things … it just forces your brain to work in a different direction.”

Lela-Kate Lewis, fashion designer


“The mind sort of starts to click out into a different dimension.”

Rex Truter, creative producer, Cape Town, SA


 “I think it’s woken up a corner of my brain I didn’t know existed. It's almost magical." 

Sandy Garfield, company director


“I was I think quite surprised by how I felt … I really feel that my mind is more flexible.”

Judith Roberts, chemist